Book Three of the Zygan Emprise Trilogy

Shiloh and Spud are ordered to capture a former friend and fellow Zygan  Intelligence trainee who is attacking Zygan outposts, murdering innocent  Zygans, and aiming to assassinate the Zygan Federation's King, the  Omega Archon, in the name of freedom. Shiloh and her friends confront  the insurgent and his minions, who relay a secret about their lives that  turns their ships--and their universe--upside down. Shiloh, Spud, and  their team must choose between submission and rebellion--a revolution  can save millions of lives, but risk billions in an empire that has  become a dictatorship. Calling on rebels, Valkyries, and heavenly allies  to join them in the war to overthrow their King, Shiloh and Spud go  rogue and face kidnappers and torturers to learn the truth about  themselves and their world, Join Shiloh and Spud on a thrilling mission  (which may be their last), across Andromeda and the Milky Way, in the  fog of the Plegma nebula, and the smog of Victorian-era London. Will  they--and the Zygan Federation--survive? 

5 stars  Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite 


... Y.S. Pascal is skilled at creating tension and building a conflict  that is phenomenal. The lead characters, Shiloh and Spud, are  professional actors, but they lead a double life. When off the camera,  they are fighters, intrepid secret agents for a covert intergalactic  federation. It is fun following these two characters as they face  impossible odds in very perilous missions. The setting is terrific,  taking readers across the galaxy, traveling with the characters across  Andromeda and the Milky Way. A lot of research has accompanied this  trilogy and the author weaves the elements of the research neatly into  the narrative. The prose is crisp, character development impeccable, and  the pacing fast. ... packed with action,  mystery, and suspense. The reader quickly learns to care about the  characters and keeps on turning from chapter to chapter, concerned about  them. The unpredictability in the plot makes this trilogy a thrill for  fans of science fiction and fantasy.                   



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